Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Guess who's BIRTHDAY???

Weeeeellll...this lovely month of November marks the THREE YEAR birthday of my BABY...
is THREE!!!
 Can I get a woot! WOOT???
Sooooooo with this three year celebration, I thought i was time to explain the whole conception of this blog, how it began and got started!!! Would surprise you if I said that a VERY handsome, Apostolic young man was involved? Oh WAIT was two HANDSOME MEN!!! LOLOLOL!!! Of course your NOT suprised...RIGHT??? Like DUH...where would life be like without handsome, Apostolic, men?! (BORING!!!;)
So ANYWAYZ, we'll start off with guy #1!!! Okaaaaay soooo I had made this blog, MARY FRANCES WRITING, which was supposed to be a serious impress guy #2...LOL...who had this really professional, suave and inspiring writing on his blog... AND I thought for sure when he read MY WRITING, he would be soooo impressed, we could combine our talents and write books together...bahaha...NOTICE i'm STILL SINGLE??? Okaaaay but we're NOT talking about guy #2 yet...we're STILL on guy #1!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Died In Your City...

This poem was read during one of the preachings at WCC. My heart was soooo touched when I heard this. I just can't explain to you how it gripped me...I listened to the preaching CD and copied it word ofr word to share with you all...its so devestatingly sad, yet its so motivating...its compelling... Let it speak to YOU!!!
I died in your city, yes I died,
I'm in hell burning and my brain is fried,
I was on drugs and alcohol,
My back was up against the wall,
The fellowship from down the road,
Wasn't there to lift my load,
The bus ministry that was supposed to be,
Never came and invited me,
I will get to it later, so you said,
 but you can't now, you see, i'm dead!
I was in your city and on your street,
I was a teenage runaway with nowhere to go,
But you wouldn't tell me how to save my soul,
Maybe I was rich, maybe I was poor,
But thats no reason for NOT knocking on my door.
So I ran to the master of death instead,
Like I told you before now i'm dead.
Oh it wasn't as if you didn't care,
But you said its another's job to go there,
Your what, might have, or could've been,
Is what could have saved me ...
from this place i'm in,
There are more out there, just like me,
So don't say some other time please,
Or wait till later, or wait for fate,
Reach them now, before its to late!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Furtherin my testimony!!!

Sooooo several weeks ago, we were having testimony service at my church and I when it was my turn to testify I was like, I just wanna thank God for the Holy Ghost!!! And I was talkin about how I still remember that day when I finally got it...I was ONLY 6 years old but I was the best day of my whole life!!!
And I was talkin about how there is NO birthday, no achievement, no goal, NOT even high school graduation supercedes that day in my life. And THEN I like paused...LOL...and I was like and I'm sure that day would be EVEN  better than my wedding day...BUT... I really don't know...since i've never actually gotten married...ahahaha...I'm like I mean I know it WILL be BUUUUUUUUT...I can't actually say it is UNTIL I know...Everyone starts laughin...(I said it really just to make this one man, my friends dad, Bro. Dave laugh...cuz he is ALWAYS jokin with me about findin a husband and stuff...he was laughin really hard when I said this...)
Soooooo yeah people, you need to remember to join me in prayer for a husband!!! Now don't be thinkin that I'm bein all carnal with this request!!! I would REALLLLY like to be able to tell people that getting the Holy Ghost REALLLLLY WAS better than getting married!!! LOL!!!
This IS NOT about ME!!!
...I'm just being totally humble...unselfish...benevolent...NOBLE...
I'll give God ALL THE GLORY...
I just want to further my testimony!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Church Thanksgiving Feast...

 This past Sunday had to be one of the MOST MEMORABLE Thanksgiving feasts EVERRRR for me!!! Lets just say that the outreach has picked up like BIG time and we got a whole church van and my sis's mini van FULL of was soooooooo AWESOME!!! BUT it made for a WILD ride!!!
 Lets just say that it began with someone "letting loose" in the church van and it smelled SOOOOO bad that another kid threw up!!! I was like OMW...aaaaauuuggggghhhh!!! LOL And like everyone was screamin and I had to break out my Victoria Secret body spray and like the boy that "let loose" was all like DEFENDIN himself!!! He is all like, YOU know that EVERYONE boofas...boofa is the African word for "lettin loose"  he is all , it was just a boofa...i'm like UH that caused another kid to THROW UP!!! Like WOW!!! 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gobble till you wobble!!!!!

BUT who's ready to go SHOPPIN???
♥Mary Frances :)


I am ESPECIALLY thankful for...


Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Weeeeellll its OFFICIAL everyone as of this past Saturday there are NOW....
I'm not sure Mary Jo realizes JUST HOW PRIVELEGED she is to share this name with me...AHAHA...Don't be JEALOUS EVERYONE!!! LOL!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


SORRRRY Everyone that my blog has been LAMO-O the last three days...I have A LOT going on right now!!! A LOT on my mind...STUFF i'm tryin to figure out and everything is just soooo busy...MY BURDEN for Esther is HUGE right now...I just couldn't stop cryin at church tonight...if you all could help me pray for her I would GREATLY appreciate that!!! I'm soooo desperate for God to work a miracle in her life!!!
I'm sorry to all my friends that I owe emails and phone calls too...AnywayZ,  I promise to start postin again as soon as I can clear my mind to write something NORMAL...weeeelll you know normal for ME!!! LOL! Gnite!!! :)
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Lilypie - Personal pictureLilypie Countdown to Adoption tickers
It says....
She is gettin up as Marry Joe Mesa BUT will be going to sleep as Mary Jo Elizabeth Ginty!!!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thankful for...

Weeeeelllllll with Thanksgiving around the corner...Its time to start saying WHAT I am Thankful for!!! AND as I said last night in our family prayer time, right now I am especially thankful for...

As you all know, I absolutely LOVE AND ADORE this girl!!! LOL!!! We have been spending a lot of time with each other this week. She called me up Monday night at Bible college and asked us to pick her up and OF COURSE I was happy to have my baby over!!! She has been here everyday since then and my sis drops her off in the morn for school. She said that she is gonna try to start going back to church...AND I was pretty much freakin out when I saw her in the ABOVE pic cuz she was in APOSTOLIC girl clothes...LOL...
I was like jumpin up and down clappin my hands when she couldn't see me and letting out SILENT screams...We don't know what all we're gonna do next, we're just playin things by ear and letting God unfold everything...BUT...I've been really happy all this week!!!
It was Tuesday morning and I got up and I was like YAAAAAAAY i have someone to take care of again!!! Immediatley put on my apron and started cookin up pancakes!!! Kim comes over and she like WOW...your sooo in your realm right now aren't you?!!? I'm like YUP!!!
I was givin her a cookin lesson on spagetti the other day...she LOVES spagetti...
She then told me that I'm soooo messed up for takin her pic while cookin...haha
 AND the below pic is of ME...IRONIN...ahaha!!! Kim saw me ironin and was just like WHAT?!?! YOUR IRONIN??? You NEVER Ironed for me Mary...I'm like ummmm...your 30 and she's 15!!!! AHahahaha...I'm like don't feel bad...I don't even iron MY OWN clothes!!! BUT if Esther wants to wear a long skirt and it needs to be ironed...I will sooooo IRON IT!!!
AnywayZ, I am soooo happy and excited about everything God has done and is doing and is going to do in her life!!! Don't forget to pray for her!!!!!! Ooooo wait to you all see her outfit for is sooooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!

♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dead Church!!!

I don't usually post forwards and stuff...BUT WOW...this really SPOKE TO ME!!!
A new Pastor in a small Oklahoma town spent the first four days making personal visits to each of the members, inviting them to come to his first services.The following Sunday the church was all but empty.
Accordingly, the Pastor placed a notice in the local newspapers, stating that, because the church was dead, it was everyone’s duty to give it a decent Christian burial. The funeral would be held the following Sunday afternoon, the notice said.
Morbidly curious, a large crowd turned out for the “funeral.” In front of the pulpit, they saw a closed coffin, smothered in flowers. After the Pastor delivered the eulogy, he opened the coffin and invited his congregation to come forward and pay their final respects to their dead church.
Filled with curiosity as to what would represent the corpse of a “dead church,” all the people eagerly lined up to look in the coffin. Each “mourner” peeped into the coffin then quickly turned away with a guilty, sheepish look.

Special THANKS!!!

My Sis and my neice want to give a SPECIAL
To our good friend Renee!!! She sent my sis and MJ a beautiful Edible arrangement ALL the way from TEXAS to help begin the celebration of MJ's adoption on SATURDAY!!!

It was a very pleasent surprise for my sis when she got home from work and for MJ when she got home from school!!! We wish you were gonna be here to see the ACTUAL adoption on Saturday...BUT are VERY excited about you coming out here for the party in February...AND about us going to Texas in March!!! (Can't wait to see your house!!!)

Once again, THANK YOU for your thoughtfulness...
they really LOVED IT!!!

♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


We had family game night last of the games we played was my ALL TIME FAVORITE...
 NOW, if you are thinkin that Candy Land is a BORING, non-competitive, unskillful little kids game, you have OBVIOUSLEY...NEVER played with THE GINTY'S!!! This game can get VERY VIOLENT especially when playing with my brother John!!! We WILL CHEAT to beat each other!!! Ahaha!!!
AnywayZ, last night It was Cesar, MJ, Esther and ME playing...thats a 4-year-old, a 9-year-old, a 15-year-old and a 28-year 0ld playing...
Guess WHO WON???
GUESS WHO doesn't like losing???

Yes, I realize that I'M 28 and he is 4...BUT...I like LOVE WINNING!!! LOLOLOL!!!! Plus, its bad to teach kids that they are gonna win every time...I believe it would have been a detriment to his health if I had LET HIM WIN!!! I woulda been teaching him a LIE...soooo I was just being a good Christian by beating him...Bahahahahahaha!!!
The BEST PART is that...
his MOM was the one taking the pictures!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What the devil CAN'T DO!!!

I was thinkin the other day ALL that the devil will do take away someone's testimony. I was thinkin about when people leave church or mess up their lives in the world. I was thinkin about ALL that the devil can do to mess somebody up. The devil can take away our joy and our happiness. He can take away our innocence and purity and corrupt our minds. He can take away our peace of mind and hope for our future... He can take away our morals and ethics and rightousness. He can take it ALL AWAY...and leave us empty and broken...he can do all that...IF you let him...
BUT despite ALL that the devil CAN take from you, there is ONE THING that the devil CAN NEVER take from you!!!! What he can't EVER take away from you, is WHAT GOD HAS ALREADY DONE FOR YOU!!!!
The devil wants to ruin you. He wants to destroy you. He wants make you think that you can't make it. That you've backslid, you've failed God so why even bother. Why even keep trying? He wants to take away what God's done for you...BUT he can't. The devil can't ever change what God has ALREADY DONE!!!  
If you have ever obeyed Acts 2:38, repented of your sins, been baptized in Jesus name, YOUR SINS were washed away and the devil can't EVER change that!!! God has already FORGIVEN YOU!!! He has already filled YOU with the HOLY GHOST!!!  He has ALREADY brought you salvation!!! He has already redeemed YOU!!! There is NOTHING the devil can ever do to change that!!!
What it comes down to ultimately is one thing...CALVARY!!! It doesn't matter what you do or what you have done or what anyone says...the devil can NEVER take away CALVARY!!! Jesus has ALREADY died for YOU and there is nothing, nothing, NOTHING the devil can ever do to take that away!!!
"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." (John 3:16)

♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, November 14, 2011


I'm Jealous of My MOM;

I know it sounds odd to hear one say that about their own MOTHER...BUT its TRUE!!! Cuz  NO MATTER what I do in life, NO MATTER how hard I try, NO MATTER how hard I strive, I'll NEVER, NEVER, NEVERRR, EVERRRR....

Sunday, November 13, 2011


You guys can view THE REST ....all 152 of the WCC pics HERE!!! For anyone that didn't see their computer wouldn't let me copy/paste some of them...sooo just go to my WCC Picassa Album!!! :) CASSIA!!! Here is our pic!!! ;)

♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

WCC Pics!!!

Weeeelll Here it is LONG awaited WCC pictures!!! I hope you all ENJOY!!! Feel free to STEAL any that you want!!! :)


I Clean up pretty nicely don't you think?!?! LOL!

Friday, November 11, 2011


Weeeelll it seems like EVERRR since I got back from WCC I have been asked TWO questions NON-STOP....LOL...
1. WHEN are you gonna post your WCC pictures on your blog???
The answer to the first question IS...its lookin like SATURDAY!!! I have so many pics and i'm tryin to crop them and make a picassa album and write comments with them...soooo JUST WAIT!!! ;)
Answer to the second question...uh YEAH...I met A LOT OF people!!! Made LOTSA NEW FRIENDS!!! HAHA!!! EVERYONE Is like NO MARY!!! DID YOU MEET A GUY??? HAHAHA!!! I don't know why that question is bein asked to me MORE than like ANY OTHER conference I have  EVERRRR been too!!! But the answer to that question is...

(STALKERS!!! You all been spyin on me!!! :)
He's TALL, DARK, mysterious AND...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Outreach technique...

Weeeeeeeelllllll I thought I would share with you all my NEWEST outreach technique...NOW this is an ECLUSIVE Mary technique that TOTALLY works...BUT I'm tellin you, you ain't gonna hear it in no evangelism class...

K!!! So my mom calls me like RIGHT before we were leavin for church and said that Esther had left a message on Facebook to tell Mary she wants to come to church tonight. Soooo i'm like okaaaay WHY didn't she call me??? So I call her grandma's cell phone and get a DISCONNECT recordin...I'm like OH thats WHY...somone didn't pay their bill!!! HAHAHA!!!

Sooooo I tell my mom and my sis I can't get in touch with her but lets just go over there and see what's going on...I mean by the time we get there she may be GONE...or who knows...she may be READY and WAITIN for me!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Normal Apostolic girl...

 Sooooo Thursday night @ WCC Kim was like lookin ALL GOOD...well she did ALL week long BUT she felt particularly HOLY on this night...LOL!!! She was like Mary I feel sooooooo Apostolic!!! My hair is done Apostolic, my neck is covered, no one can see my tattoos...I just look like ALL the other girls!!! She is like MARY!!! I look like a NORMAL APOSTOLIC GIRL!!!!

I'm like, KIM!!! I'm pretty sure that its safe to say that you and I will NEVER be considered...
Apostolic Girls??? YES!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kimmy Kat CHILD CARE @ WCC!!!

 Okaaaaay soooo at WCC they have child care during the night services for your children...weeeeellll my friend Kim was absolutely SIKED about this!!! LOL!!! She was like tellin me...MARY!!! I can NOT wait...Cesar is GOING and I'm gonna GET MY BLESSING!!!!!!! HAHAHA!!! (Thats just Kimmy Kat for you!!!)

 Soooooo she is signing him in and the sweet sister's in charge were VERY KINDLY telling her that she HAD to have this slip of paper that they were giving her to pick him back up at the end of the night...and they were like,"Sis, you HAVE to have this slip of paper to pick your son up at the end of the night! You can't pick him up UNLESS you have it!" SOOOOOOOOO Kim is like, I HAVE TO HAVE IT? They are like, Yes, Ma'aam! She is like, so your saying IF I don't have this slip of paper I can't pick him up? They are like, YES!!!
 Kim is like, OKAAAAAAAAY...sounds good to me!!! She THEN takes the slip of paper and just THROWS it over her shoulder!!! 
I'm like OOOOOOOOOooooo you guys don't know KIM!!! You told that to the WRONG PERSON!!!
 Aparently the rule wasn't TOTALLY accurate...cuz at the end of the night...
♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Classic Mary Moments @WCC

Okaaaaaaaaaay soooooooo of course there were a just a couple CLASSIC MARY MOMENTS at WCC that I am just gonna HAVE TO share with you all!!! :)
Sooooooo first of all, as you all know from my posts, I ALWAYS refer to my nephew as Gwapo, which means handsome in Tagalog, which is the Filipino language. Sooooo one day after the morning service we were all standin in line with my family and a bunch of other people from my church at Home Town Buffet and the line was like taking FOREVERRR to pay so I decided to entertain myself with my nephew who was with his parent's a little wayz ahead of me in line. Soooooo without thinkin I just yell out, "HEEEEY GWAPO!!!" And like EVERY man in line in front of me like turned around and looked at me!!! I was like OMW!!! WHY is everone lookin at me?!?!?!  THEN I remembered... gwapo means HANDSOME in Spanish too!!! Oooops!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

BUT that embarrassing moment was NOTHING compared to what had happened to me EARLIER that day!!! Okaaaaaaay sooooo I always get up earlier than everyone else in my room almost ALWAYS at all confrences so that I can get ready first...and have some time to mess around before we leave. So I did that that morning too...went down to the lobby, got on my email and drank like 3 free cups of!!! 

Sooo after about 45 minutes my mom calls me and says that they are driving up to the lobby so come outside...soooo i'm like ok and I'm thinkin in my head...OH i'm just gonna use the restroom REAL QUICK before I go outside. Welll I like RUN into the bathroom and for some ODD reason I set my purse on the counter and run into the stall. Weeellll I hear someone ELSE come into the bathroom and I'm thinkin, OH MAN, should I have left my  purse on the counter like that??? DUMB...yes, I KNOW!!! :) 

So I rush out of the bathroom and notice that there is NO one else in the bathroom, I'm like OH THEY LEFT??? How odd?! And As I'm rushing by the first stall, I notice urinals...I'm like, WOW urinals in the ladies room??? OMW!!! That is sooooooo messed up!!!! I mean like seriousley, WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TOO??? Then I'm like realizin...OMW URINALS!!!!! I THINK I JUST USED THE MEN'S ROOM!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUGGGGGGGG!!!!!

So i like RUN OUT OF THE BATHROOM with LIGHTENING SPEED and ACTUALLY LOOK at the door, and sho nuff it said MEN'S!!!!! Aparently, a man must have walked in, saw MY PURSE on the counter and turned around and walked right back out!!! AHAHAHAHAHA! I can only imagine WHAT they were thinkin when they saw that!!! My brother was like, either that or they just thought it was some kind of FAIRY man!!! LOL! 

Then I was tellin Bishop and his wife at lunch that day and they were all laughing and Bro. Abbott was like, trust me, IF YOU had been at the conference hall when this happened, YOU WOULD HAVE KNOWN RIGHT AWAY that you were in the MEN'S BATHROOM!!! was BAD...but it could have been A LOT WORSE!!!!!!!! I don't even want to think about it!!!!! AAAAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGHHH!!!

♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Its OVER!!!!!!!!!! OMW!!! I can't believe its OVER!!! It was sooooooooooo AWESOMELY AMAZIN!!! I had such a wonderful time!!! i JUST got back from the youth night and it was soooooo much fun!!! I ONLY have two years left to go as a SINGLE, NO KIDS, NEVER BEEN MARRIED, 30 and UNDER young person!!!!!!! I was like OMW what am I gonna do when i'm 31??? We're gonna have to start a petition to change the age to 35...course I'll probabley be the ONLY one still tryin to go...ACTUALLY now that I think about it...I was probabley the OLDEST young person there...OH wait NO I have a friend the same age as me...Anywayz, it was a GRAND old time!!!

I have lotsa stories to tell all MY friends back home...JAC get ready...SHANNON...LIZ... your sooooo gonna be laughin...AND to all my friends that I met...I can't wait to post pics of us all!!! AND I have some funny stuff to share on here of course too...

OH and the services were absolutely phenomonal!!! WOW!!! You could just feel God's presence soooo STRONG!!! It just felt GOOOOOOOOOOD!!! I think its pretty safe to say that the theme of the conference was soul winning!!! And its just sooooo I don't even know...I just want to cry when I think about all the people that need Jesus....I wanna tell them all!!! The first message was about that and so was the last message...then at alter call we were singing I AM A ONE GOD APOSTOLIC...and THEN...Bro. Von Morton got up and said that we NEEDED to GO HOME and reach the lost in our cities!!!! I'm soooooo pumped!!! I'm soooooooo ready...I've ALREADY got the cookies BAKED...Lord Bless them...I'm ready to get some souls IN JESUS NAME!!!

Okaaaaaaaaaay gnite everyone!!! I promise NEXT week will begin a NORMAL week of bloggin!!! Course...the adventures NOT really over yet since we still have to DRIVE HOME!!! YOU never know WHAT can happen with THE GINTYS!!!!!!!! AHAHAHA!!! ;)

♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Six Years!!

Weeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllll This past month of October marked my SIX YEAR ANNIVERSARY of workin with the African Refugees!!! What an awesome, amaZin blessed years it has been!!! I still remember the VERY first time I heard about them!!!

I was in my Journalism class at PVCC, actually we were havin a staff meetin for the college newspaper and my journalism teacher was telling myself and my peers about a group of African refugees that she had come into contact with and she thought it would be great if our news staff planned a Christmas party with them and brought presents for the kids and food and stuff...

I remember the whole class just sittin there staring at her like, TOTALLY NOT EVEN interested...and I remember her saying that she was bringin them to her church and I remember thinkin OMW...I wanna bring those kids to MY CHURCH...because MY CHURCH has THE TRUTH!!!

Sooooo everyone was soooooooo NOT interested in doin it and this one guy was like, those kids live in the Palomino Square area...I'm NOT going over there!!! And I remember thinkin...Okaaaaay your a guy and your SCARED...what a sissylala!!! LOLOL!!!