Wednesday, July 26, 2023

I wish…

There’s so many things I wish I could’ve told him about before he died!!! I knoooooow he’s in heaven having a blast, soooo not for him buuuuuuut FOR ME!!! 
I wish I had made him try my Italian bomb chicken!!! I told him about the recipe I had made up and he said it sounded good buuuuuuuuuuut I NEVER HAD HIM TRY IT!!!! If I had known, I would’ve made him try it and get his UNWANTED OPINION!!!! Lol 😝 
I wish I had let him read my kids book 📕 Peter’s First Italian Feast!!! I told him about it!!! My kids version of Acts 10!!! He thought it was cool, buuuuuuut I never had him read it!!! I just wanted him to see the final result!!! I even showed him Celia’s illustrations of Cornelius, who btw is HOT, buuuuuuut I should’ve let him read it before it’s published!!!

This isn’t from my book but I just wrote stuff like this to make him laugh!!! Along with us rewriting in the hospital 🏥 together when he was 16, Christmas shoes, to Christmas Lopo!!!! Lol My grandpa was Joe and he was probably the loudest man I’ve ever known!!! Liiiiiiiike I’m quiet next to my grandpa!!! And he used to call me Maria when I cooked with him!!! Also my grandpa was definitely 💯 one of John’s favorite people and he was the most like him and looked like him too!!! 
I can’t go back, I can only move forward and honor his memory and treasure the moments we had together!!!! You would’ve looooooooved the story John and you would’ve looooooooved my Italian bomb 💣 chicken… it’s spicy… Buuuuuuut I’m also sure you wouldn’t have touched the sun-dried tomatoes 🍅 and had a few tips on what I could’ve done ✔️ to make it  even better too!!!!🙄
♥Mary Frances :)