Thursday, December 18, 2008

He Chose The Nails

It's a typical day for Joseph as he works in his carpenter shop. His wife Mary is inside the house visiting with her cousin Elizabeth. Jesus, who is about four years old at the time is playing with his cousin John while Joseph works.
"How are my boys today?" Asks Josepeh.
"Good, good," they say in unison as they play. Joseph continues to work and is startled when he looks up to see Jesus playing with some of his nails.
"Jesus, don't touch those! They could hurt you!"
Little Jesus holds one up curiousley. "Daddy what are these?"
"Those are nails Jesus," says Joseph. "Carpenters use them in their shop to build things.
The purpose of a nail is to bring together two things that are seperated."
Landmark Pentecostal Church Presents He Chose The Nails
Have you ever wondered what the life of Christ was really like?
Join us as we use scripture and a little imagination to portray what DID and could have happened in the life of Christ...
(All Free Performances;)
*This Saturday, December 20th at 4pm
This Sunday, December 21 at 3pm
Mountian Veiw Center 8625 E. Mountain View
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
(East of Hayden on Mountain View)
For more info leave a comment or call Pastor Abbott at (480) 206-7517