Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So true!!!

Okay, I found this icon and it just like TOTALLY cracks me up!!! Its SOOOOOOOO true!!! There was a guy once that was interested in one of my friends but she did NOT return the interest. Instead of getting the hint and moving on, he persisted on pursuing a relationship. Every time my friend would adamantly refuse. One day out of frustration and anger he said to my friend, "Well, when your 40 and still single, don't get mad at me!" (RFLOL) BUT sometimes, being single is WAAAAAAAAAAY better than the atlernative!!! HAHA! Ya all know what I am saying? They should make little badges or stickers that people can hand out when someone says stupid stuff like that!!! The other day someone was trying to set me up with someone that I JUST HAVE NO interest in. They were like well your single ahd he is single and interested in you so why don't you just hook up?!?! I am just sitting there like, okaaaaaay, yeah that is a really good reason to get married, cause we're both single...HAHAHAHA! Finally I was like well look here, I am SINGLE, NOT DESPERATE!!! This single stuff is kinda fun to write about...who knows what I will think of next!!! Any ideas? Well I just thought that with all the little stuff about bein single going on this month, that I would share this with ya all...I just couldn't resist!!! ;)