Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Handsome Grandpa!!!

Today is two years that my Grandpa died. I just want to give honor to him today and say that I love him! He was and is still an incredible male figure in my life. He was an all around family man, Mr. Fix-it and the world's GREATEST cook!!! He was honest and filled with integrity. He loved getting good deals and had a coupon for EVERYTHING!!! .
My Mom says he was the best dad a girl could ever as for. When she was a little girl she wanted to marry him and was heart broken when she found out she couldn't cause her mom was already married to him!!! (Awww!!! I want my little girls to feel that way someday!!!) AND I am telling you NO ONE can cook like my Grandpa...Believe me thats why I am now on Weight Watchers!!! ;) Although my mom is the second best cook I know!!!He could fix anything...cars, Cd players, Hot curler holders and even beds!!! (Don't even ask how the beds broke!!! RFLOL) For more about my Grandpa read this story http://maryfranceswriting.blogspot.com/2008/12/grandpas-cookies.html

This is him in his NYPD uniform...
This is him in the Navy/World War 2