Saturday, February 14, 2009

I got DUMPED!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Danny dumped me for his imaginary girlfriend named Ashley! It was soooooooooo funny!!!! Then he was all sad cause she didn't show up so I had to try and cheer him up!!! TOTAL drama...LOL!!!!! Anyways he finally agreed to take a picture with me...BUT...only as friends!!! Then he was sooooo sweet he gave me one of her roses that he had gotten for her!!! Awww man it don't get no better than know what I am sayin!?!?! ;)

Soooooooooooo YEAH.... The banquet was a TOTAL blast!!!!! I was in like all the skits and went in the cake eating contest and like totally last because DAVY pushed my whole face in and I got chocolate up my nose and couldn't breath and was laughing soooooooo hard I couldn't keep the cake in my mouth!!!! Janellie Bean won for us girls!!! LOL that Skinny girl can EAT!!! Watch out Sam!!! Then Bro. Wilson spoke and it was really good and he told all kinds of corny jokes but my fav was this one about a postal stamp and I was like AWWW!!! I can't remember it but will post it when i do...I was sooooo TOUCHED!!! :)Then after all the jokes he spoke on love and it was nice and I even knew his Pooh bear quote!!! (I will have to put up the Pooh bear quote too!! was a great night!!!!!!!!!! I hope everyone has a very, very, very HAPPY Valentine's day!!!