Friday, February 27, 2009

Sam and Janelle!!!

This Saturday, Sam and Janelle, two of my bestest friends in the WHOLE world are getting married!!! I love you guys SOOOOOO much!!! I just wanted to say that I am sooooo proud of you guys! Janelle, you were VERY patient waiting for Sam and Sam, your still a PANSY!!! HAHA!!! No really, Sam and Janelle you guys have been a true example of a Godly, pure couple. I know that you guys have already, BUT I can't wait till Saturday, to see you two ACTUALLY holding hands!!! When I get in a relationship you two are gonna be my role models!!! Janelle, I remember when you came to our church at 12, you were soooo UNFRIENDLY!!! LOL But man, when you got the Holy Ghost everything just changed. We have truley had some good times together, chasing guys, giggling to 5am and all that good stuff!!! Remember all the water fights and TP wars with the guys?!?! Remember all the times we got Sam's house? His room? His van? LOL Isn't that how you guys got all the flirting going?! NO MATTER what we'll ALWAYS be HOT DOGS!!! Sam, remember all the Rawhide trips and Bad Miss Mary that some how turned into my nickname of Mar Dog?! LOL All the NYPD pizza break outs? I have soooo many AWESOME memories with you two. Then, as we got older and things began to change...Outreach at Paradise Shadows and all the times spent with the kids. Janelle, one of the awesomest things ever was that night in Sunday School, when all the African girls got the Holy Ghost!!! Patience, Esther, Martina, Jestena and BJ ALL in one night, without even any one in there praying with them EXCEPT the two of us!!! That was SOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL!!! Like we had our own little day of Pentecost!!! Now you two are getting married and I know the best is yet to come!!! Sam Dog and Janellie Bean!!!! CAN'T WAIT till Saturday!!!!! Xoxoxo!!!
Love always,
Mary =)
P.S. Sam, if you ever need that marriage counseling, you know where to find me!!! ;)