Friday, March 27, 2009

I am NOT bragging...

Well okaaay...MAYBE I am!!! ;) BUT man I sure do make the BEST cheesburgers!!! Seriousley!!! HAHA!!! I have this special way of making the meat taste soooooooooo good and moist! After, I flavor the meat just right, I put on top grilled onions a little cheddar cheese. These burgers are ONLY 6 Weight Watchers points!!! (WOOHOO!) Even my mom, who is the world's greatest cook EVER couldn't stop talking about it!!! I gave one to my brother John today, without grilled onions on top, ( cause he don't like onions!) and he said it was good, but he would leave out...and then he was like well I wanna make you this cheesburger Mary that...I was like OH JUST SHUTUP AND EAT!!! LOL He is probabley at home RIGHT now TRYING to make a better cheesburger than me!!! Grrrr...Remind me NOT to marry a man that can cook!!! ;)

I mean, I am not one to really brag, (HAHA!) but Mmmmm, these babies are delicious!!!
Go Mary! Go Mary! Go Mary! Want one? :)