Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A smile...

"A Smile is the prettiest thing you can wear!" But a really cute headband helps too!!! LOL Yup, yup!!! This is my new really, really cute headband that EVERYONE seems to LOVE!!! No, in case your wondering, I did not make it. I got it at...are you ready for this? Drumroll please...here we go...THE CHILDREN'S PLACE!!! LOL Yes, I got it at a little kid's store, which I think is QUITE fitting for me!!! HA! ;) I was with my sis a couple of weeks ago and she was shopping for my niece and I saw it and JUST HAD TO HAVE IT!!! I mean it was seriousley like love man!!! Sooooooo as soon as I got paid that week I headed to the mall and paid the $5 bucks for it-actually I guess it was only 2.50 since they were 2for5 but the other headband I don't really like, I just got it for the deal. Sooooooo yeah...I think i have seriousley gotten MORE compliments on that headband than ANYTHING in my whole entire life!!! When I where it everyone that sees me is just like, "I like your headband! Thats really cute. So colorful. Thats totally you! Blah, blah, blah, etc..." Of course that just makes my love toward the thing grow even more!!! I seriously think that I should glue it permanatley to my head and where it FOREVER!!!

P.S. This post was special for you Kerri!!! Is this a big enough picture?!?! :)