Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools!!!

hahahaha!!!!!!!!! I got the girls in my class soooooooooo goood!!! HAHAHAHA!!! I am like still laughing about it!!!
So yesturday when I was talking to Janelle on the phone we were planning tonights bible lesson I was like DUDE Janelle we totally have to get our class good with an April Fools joke. So we were trying to figure out what to do and we decided we would tell them that Janelle was already pregnant after only a month of being married. BUT then I came up with a WAAAAAAAAY better plan. SO I called Janelle and we agreed thats what we would do...

Here is what happened:
We got into class, sang songs then it was time for the lesson. I said Okay girls, before the lesson we are going to play a little game. BUT there is ONE rule that you must follow or else you are automatically disqualified. You MUST be quiet and there is to be no running pushing or shoving.
So they were like Ok, ok, ok!!! I said in the kitchen I have hidden $10-AT THIS POINT THERE WAS SCREAMS!!!!!!!! So loud I had to cover my ears!!! So we hushed them and I said ok but wait, there is ONLY one 10 dollar bill and it only goes to the one that can find it first. You only have FIVE minutes. At this point there was LITERALLY A STAMPEDE to the door. Like it was SOOOOO bad they couldn't even get the door open!!! I was just standing there with my mouth HANGING open!!! I was like OMW!!! So we hushed them up and made them sit back down. I said WE ARE ONLY going to do this if you can be QUIET!!!
So FINALLY we release them and they immediatley start screaming. It was like a wild herd of animals!!! We seriousley had NO control of them. They were going crazy, FRANTICALLY searching for the $10! There was nothing BUT running, pushing AND shoving!!! I mean seriousley I was like PRAYING that NO other adults would come out of their classes cause our girls were WILD!!!!!!!!! So Janelle had has the timer on her phone and she is like ok 2 min...1 min... 20 seconds...10 seconds...LOL Okaaaaaaay girls!!! BACK to class!!!!! Sooooooooooo we like finally corral them into the room by promising them that they will get ANOTHER hint where the money is during the lesson. Sooooooo we got back to class they all sit down And I just BUST out into HYSTERICAL laughter I was like APRIL FOOLS!!! Oh man I was laughing sooooooo hard I couldn't even breath and I just about peed my skirt!!! They were sooooooooo mad it was AWESOME!!!!!!!
*Then I started my lesson I was like today is April Fools day and we are going to learn what a fool is. The bible says in Psalms 53:1 The fool hath said in his heart their is no God.
Then we did this REALLY funny skit and a cool lesson that they really liked. If anyone wants a copy I can give it to you!!! (Just give me your email!)
*But yeah It was the best joke ever. Afterwards Esther was like MAN when you said April Fools I was soooooooooo mad...BUT man YOU GOT US GOOD!!!! I was like Oh yeah! I was like do you know what IDIOTS you made of yourselves!!! She starts laughing, I know, I know!!! That whole time there wasn't EVEN 10 dollars!!!! So I was like well we were gonna get you guys at first by saying that Janelle was pregnant but.......Esther was like...SOOOOOOOOO I don't care if Janelle is pregnant!!! That would not have mattered!!! I WANT 10 dollars!!!!!! RFLOL!!! Oooooo man!!!