Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Its called...

There used to be this thing that girls often used. It was like a medium sized notebook with blank writing pages on it. Girls often used them to write down their PERSONAL thoughts, reflections and frustrations in life. They were OFTEN used to write down your thoughts on guys you liked, hated or thought had looked at you. What was it called?!?! Oh yeah... A diary!!!
It's called a DIARY people!!!! 
The purpose of a diary or journal was often to write down those things that you were frustrated about but didn't want anyone else to know. It was private! A secret! I am not trying to be rude or anything but blogs and facebook DO NOT replace your diary. I have noticed lately that a lot of girls are writing their personal business on their blogs. Stuff like; I am so mad at HIM, or I am waiting for HIM to tex me or HE is such a jerk or HE never called me back...LOL I am just like okaaaaaay we all get frustrated, but seriously, HE is probably reading that RIGHT now!!! There are just some things you DON'T need to be sharing with the WHOLE world. IN CASE you didn't know this WWW stands for WORLD WIDE WEB!!! That means anyone and everyone has access to read what you are venting about.
Yes, I write sometimes about my personal experiences, but I try in do it in a way that is tactful and responsible. I try not to write the first thought that enters my mind. I have written about a broken heart but i didn't do it to vent, but to testify and help others. Just a thought my friends...but perhaps some of us should invest in a good, old-fashioned DIARY!!! They have some really cute ones out right now!!! I just bought one from the Family Christian store that is all pink and cutesy that says on the front Girliness is next to Godliness...Its sooooo CUTE!!!
Remember; The secret things belong unto the Lord...(Deut. 29:29). {Not the World Wide Web}