Monday, April 27, 2009

Its over!!!

Bible college at Bro. Garrett's church is over for this semester. What an awesome semester this was. I had soooooo much fun!!! Made a lot of new friends and got to know some people better. Also, I learned sooooooooooo many new things that I will have to share with you all. The ladies of legacy class was just spectacular and so good for me. The prayer class fed my sould and strengthened me!!! One night in the prayer class we had a holy Ghost move and everyone just started praying. Tonight was INCREDIBLY hyper and I had NOTHING to do with that...AT ALL...really...HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ;) To anyone that lives in Arizona, I highley reccomend that you enroll in classes here. I am so surprised that more people are not taking advantage of this opportunity. Don't be lazy!!! Don't put it aside!!! Make the time!!! It is worth it!!! God will bless you for it!!!
I repeat myself; Apostolic people in AZ...