Thursday, April 23, 2009

What, what...say what now?!?!

Sooooo I am talking to my friend Romo(My brother from another mother) on the phone and he wants to know what I am makin for lunch and I say rice. Well he gets like all excited cause he is Filipino and sooooo he just LOVES rice with a passion!!! So he says what kind of rice, white rice? brown rice? I am like Uh...Rice-a-Roni...LOL And he is like what kind a rice is that?!?! I am like WHAT?! No I said rice-a-roni and he is like Oh is that an ITALIAN rice?!?! I am like NO!!! ROMO!!! Rice-a-roni...Its in a box like mac and cheese. He is like oh I have never heard of that before!!! I am like WHAT?!?! How can you not know what Rice-a-roni is?!?! LOLOL I mean I know he is from the PI but he has been here since he was 6...OMW!!! IS there anyone else out there that doesn't know about it?!?! Heeeeey _________________ you better hurry up and make this boy some Rice-a-roni!!! HAHA!!! ;)