Monday, May 25, 2009

Awesome church!!!

Church was really, really good tonight! My brother preached a message tonight on the power of God. At the alter call this man and woman that have visited several times came down to the alter and were praying. Some of us were praying with the lady and her and her husband were holding hands and then Bro. Davy came over and laid hands on both of them and was praying for about a minute and then all of the sudden BOOM they were both slain in the spirit at the same time. It was truly awesome!!! Their son was just standin there like WHAT in the world just happened to my parent's?!?! I know the lady got the Holy Ghost for sure, I don't know about her husband. But I was really excited about the whole thing...I mean just seeing God touch them as a couple like that was sooooo COOL!!!