Saturday, May 2, 2009


This is sooooooo cRaZy weird but I just found out that our family is related to Romo through marriage!!! LOL I was JUST talkin to him on the phone and he was tellin me that he was talkin to his sister-in-law in Alaska and somehow he got on the subject of my sister-in-law Jewel and his sister-in-law was like Jewel, I know her. So they figured out that it was the same Jewel and that they are second cousins. So it's like this: Romo's sister-in-law is my sister-in-law's, mom's cousin- so they are second cousins. Romo was like "wait, does this mean we are like..." "FAMILY!!!" i screamed!!! LOL Well kinda-sorta through marriage twice. Still it was really freaky!!! We were trying to figure it out exactly and I was like Okaaaaay it's like this...When my brother and Jewel have their baby, and your brother and his wife have a baby, those two babies will be BLOOD related!!! Plus Romo is not alone out here...he has a TON of family in church now...WOOHOO!!!
Soooooo he really IS my brother from another mother!!
(I knew it! ;)
The funny thing is that when we first met each other we wern't family, but it took my brother marrying the girl he married and his brother marrying the girl he married for it to happen and they both got married this past year----> soooooooooo weird how they linked all the peices together!!! It really is a SMALL WORLD after all!!! :)