Friday, May 22, 2009

Its a ?!?!?!

Joe and Jewel found out if they are having a boy or girl...

What do you think? Girl? Boy? 
Girl? Boy?!?!  Well.....
Its a.......

It's a Joey!!!!!!!!
Yup, thats right, Joe and Jewel are having a boy!!! Awww!!!
So we are gonna be adding another Joseph to our family!!! LOL Joseph is very popular in our fam!!! My mom's dad, my Grandpa Mangino was a Joseph and so is my mom's brother. My mom's grandpa, who is my grandma mangino's dad and my GREAT grandpa was a Joseph. Then, my dad's name is Joseph, my brother, plus Theresa's Foster kids, Joe and Marry JOE!!! Thats like 8 Joe's that I can think of there may even be more!!!
 LOL  You wanna be a part of our fam?!?! Just be some kind of Joe!!! HA! ;)