Sunday, June 14, 2009

Don't Date a Loser

K so my friends wrote this HILARIOUS poem and I just LOVE it!!! Despite the humor though, it really does actually have a good point!!! Enjoy ;)
Don't settle for a Loser
By Lorraine and Eric Orozco (A brother and sister team)
Dont settle for a loser
The first guy that comes your way.
For the one that has no job and on every date makes you pay.
After the first date when you have to treat for pizza,
Make sure its his name thats really on the visa.
Dont be so desperate just to be someones wife.
That a after the honeymoon you regret it for the rest of your life!
If hes been engaged three times and married twice,
Don’t be the next fool that gets hit by the wedding rice.If all the loser wants is for you to help him support his six kids and be his sugar mama
Don’t be the idiot that gets caught up in all that baby mama drama!
If he is bilingual, illegal, and always wants to be in control,
Remind him that you aint afraid to dial the number to the border patrol!
If you just met your man after he posted bail,
Make sure you are ready to write your next check out to the pima county jail!
If the guy has a job that pays him under the table,
Make sure you check his records because he is probably not mentally stable.
If he is too young to drive you on a date,
Be ready to spend the next 5-10 years because of your little boy jail bait!
Don’t settle for a loser that in life wont got very far.
Go for a guy that has a career and doesn’t drive his mom’s car.
Im not saying you have to be a gold digging girl,
Just don’t be decieved when a guy says he can give you the world.
Looks wont last long, they will eventually fade away.
Go for a guy that has depth that and wont eventually turn gay.