Monday, July 13, 2009

The animal TAG game!!! (Momma bear)

Which animal characteristics do you think describe you best as a person?
When I asked my best friend which animal she thought best described me, in the back of my mind I was thinking a Momma bear, so I started laughing when she immediatley said a momma bear...

Why am I like a momma bear?
I am soft, affectionate, cuddy and love giving hugs...

I LOVE sweet things, especially my honey...;)

I am playful, fun and always up for a good time...

For the most part I am pretty relaxed, easygoing, just kind of take everything in stride and not easily angered...UNLESS you mess someone I love!!!

Everyone knows that their ain't nothing scarier to mess with than a momma bear and her cubs!!!! I can be a little out...LOL!!!

Nicknames? Mar bear, Mary Bear, Honey bear and Care bear(Mostly just the first two!)
I Tag:
1. Bekki Simpson
2. Jen Lord
3. Jacqui Cleveland
4. Lorraine Orozco
5. Tim Rivers
6. Kathy McElhaney
Rules to play when tagged-
1. Mark in title the animal you describe yourself as
2. Name the characteristics of this animal that you think you display
3. Post at least one picture of the animal
4. Post at least one picture of YOU displaying one of those animal characteristics
5. Tag six more people/notify to them that they have been tagged
6. Any nicknames you hav been given cause of these characteristics?
7. Copy/paste the rules to the game at the bottom of your post!