Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sweet 26!

Ten years ago, on my sweet 16 birthday,I remember sitting there, opening presents, surrounded by my family and friends. Although I was totally boy-crazy, I had never gone to a banquet with anyone, never been on a date, never been in love, never had a broken heart. I remember my friend Devi making me a card and on the inside it said; Sweet 16 and never been kissed. Then she wrote; and you better make it a sweet 17, sweet 18, sweet 19, sweet 20, sweet 21 etc...until you get married!!! and I remember thinking; HA, I'll be married by the time I'm 21!!! then as and after thought I was like, Well, Maybe I'll wait till i'm 26!!! :)
Well the years have come and gone and a week ago I celebrated my 26th birthday!!! I had been kinda like a nervous anticipation cause I knew that it meant I was OFFICIALLY in my mid-20's now...but it kinda ummm doesnt' change anything...I am still MARY!!! ;) The party was a total blast! Just as fun as when I turned 16!!! After opening presents, everyone gathered around and I read my diary from back in the day and it was SOOOOOOOO funny!!! I can't believe how CRAZY I was!!! I can't believe some of the things I said and did. I think my favorite line that I wrote in my diary was; "Davy is coming home from bible college this week and he is bringing his girlfriend(Vanessa). Then the next line was; "I can't wait to flirt with him!" HAHAHAHAHA!!! Vanessa was laughing SOOOO hard!!! She was like MARY!!! I was like Heeeeeey you always advise us girls that a guy is never ACTUALLY taken until he is married so I was just taking your advice before you even gave it!!! ;)
I have a lot of younger friends who I hear struggling with the whole finding someone thing. I say calm down and just enjoy life now cause your not even ready for marriage and your gonna get to be 26 and still single and everyone is just gonna be like SHUT UP already!!!!! HAHA!!! No really, we all want to get married but you know what I have learned, the BEST person to talk to about it is God! Cause besides Yo momma, HE is the ONLY one that really cares!!! SERIOUSLEY!!! ;) I remember when I was 16 and just feeling Sooooooooo horrible cause I had NEVER had a banquet date!!!! NOW I can honestly say I think I have been on ONE to MANY!!! HAHAHA!!!!
Really, my advice is to keep enjoyin life and keep lovin Jesus! Oh AND don't stop lookin good!!! ;) One more thing.. I am VERY proud to say that I am 26 and STILL sweet!!! ;)

Check out the photos!!!