Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Typical guy!!!

I was holding Wesley, the one year old I take care of, the other day and he was being SOOOOOO sweet to me!!! He was like being ALL cuddly, rubbing my cheeks, giving me little love pats. Then he starts kissing me like over and over and over and over again!!! I was like OMW this is soooo sweet, my heart was just like MELTING!!! Then all of the sudden he comes in for ANOTHER kiss, BUT at the same time he is kissing me, he lets out THE BIGGEST burp ever!!!! AND IT SMELLED too!!! My mouth was just like hanging open! I was like OMW Wes, THATS DISGUSTING!!!! He just grinned and laughed like it was the FUNNIEST thing ever!! I guess I shoulda known it was coming...Ugh, Wes, YOU ARE SUCH A GUY!!!! :)