Saturday, August 22, 2009

What do you all think?!?!

Okaaaaaaaaaaaay I need some girls opinions!!! I am ordering some sneakers online and I really don't like wearin sneakers but I kinda need some and the only kind I will wear are Converse All Stars...Sooooooooo I wanna know, what color do you girls think I should get, Cotton Candy Pink or Watermelon green?! I just asked my brother John and he was like, Uh probabley black, I was like uh whatever...thats like BORING!!! LOL I asked my sister, what she thought of me getting one of each color, and she just looked at me!!! HAHA!!! So I need some more opinions!!! Oooooo and there is another pair I am getting for sure, they are multi-colored bubbles...Soooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!! They are on clearance for 20 bucks!!! Okaaaaaaaay I am gonna attach the pics and you all tell me what you think.... COTTON CANDY PINK OR WATERMELON GREEN?!?!?!



Getting these FOR SURE!!! Ooooooo they are sooooooo adorable!!!


I just can't help but totally love the girliness of the pink, yet I like the cheerful brightness of the green too. I am kinda thinkin the pink shoes with green laces...oooooooo NOW how does that sound?!?! Opinions PLEASE!!! =)