Friday, September 25, 2009

The best present...

Last December, I came home from work and my niece, Mary Jo came running over to me. "Mary, I have a present for you," she said. I was like "Ooooooo, what is it girl?!" She pulls out from her back pack this chinzy little toy gumball machine. I acted all excited, just the way a good aunt does, but I mean really the gum ball didn't mean ANYTHING to me, aside from the fact that it was from her. But it was the next words outta of her mouth that really squeezed my heart. She says, you can put it with your other ones.
In my head I was thinkin...what?! Then I remembered...I started collecting little decorative gumball machines(LIke figurines)... I was like OMW! You got this for me to add to my collection?! Apparently, that day all the kids were pickin out prizes for the points they had been earning ALL semester long. When Mary Jo, saw the to gumball machine, she chose that for her prize so I could add it to my collection. I was SOOOOO touched!
That little toy gumball machine is honestly one of the best presents I have ever gotten. In fact, outta of the whole collection, (All four, LOL) that one is my favorite. Not becuase its the cutest, but because of the sentiment that is attached to it....She THOUGHT about me!!! :) That gum ball machine proudly sits for display on my book shelf. There is just something special when some says, I got this because it made me think of you!
The best presents are THOUGHTFUL presents!!!