Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Classic Moments with our kids

Usually, during the week days, Janelle Karlson and I talk during her lunch break. And some how our topics always get around to the kids we pick up from Paradise Shadows and the surrounding areas.(Most of these kids are African Refugees) So one day as we are exchanging stories and LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY, Janelle says MARY we like have to start writing ALL these stories down so we don't EVER forget them. So of course I was glad to be the one in charge of doing that and OF COURSE that means all be sending them out to you all from time to time AND of course I am sure you all are GLAD to be recieving them. So here we go...Classic Moments with our kids #1 Many more to come...
This happened one day during the kids church preaching...
One of the girls sitting on my lap looks up at me,
"Mary, your eye is a pool."
"cause your eyes are blue."
"Yes, they are...Shh..."
"But Mary, your eye is SO blue it looks like a swimming pool."
"Ooooooh thank you...Now listen to the preacher."
"But Mary..."
"But Mary, I can't concentrate, your eyes make me want to go swimming.
Mary, I WANNA go swimming! Mary your promised you would take me swimming.
When are you gonna take me swimming?!I can't concentrate cause of your eyes, All I can think about is swimming!"
"Aaaaauh! Don't look at ME then!!!!!!!! LOOK AT THE PREACHER" RFLOL!!!
Another time during preaching...
Bro. Jimmy is teaching about sin, bad things that are inside of us. He is giving different examples of sin, stealing, lying, cursing...He says another sin is CHEATING!!! Who knows what cheating is?! So one of the church kids raise their hands, Jimmy calls on them and they say that cheating is when copy answers from someone's homework or look at their test. Jimmy says, yes thats good, thats what cheating is. The SIX-YEAR-OLD sitting with me has this confused look on her face, like WHAT?! ! Then she says to me, THATS NOT CHEATING!!! Cheating is when your man goes with another woman!" I am just like ummmmm...yeah!!!
It's my day off from work,
and I have ONE thing on my agenda for the day, SLEEPING IN!!!" I am snuggled in bed, when all of the sudden my phone rings. I ignore it. BUT of course it rings AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN!!! I am like ugh!!! It's probabley my mom I better answer it. Eyes hardly opened, I groan out Hello. "Mary," I hear an African accent of a 5-year-old on the other end. Hey Brenda, I say. She is like MARY, are you gonna pick us up for church this week. I am like yes, of course, but its ONLY 8 in the morning....
Bro. Abbott is preaching...
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. AND the earth was without form and void...Bro. Abbott goes on to explain, That means that there was NOTHING but total darkness on the earth. There was no light. Total and complete blackness. Total darkness. One of the kids whisper to me, "So like US then?" HAHAHA...I am like, yeah sure!!!
I am with Jacqui,
her car is loaded with kids and I run out to get one more person. When I get back Jac is like totally laughing! I am like what?! She says the kids just asked me when your gonna have your baby!!! I was like OMW!!! I look at them and I am like, you guys think I 'm having a baby?!?! They are like yea, are you?! I am like laughing...Nooooooooooo...!!! I am like, just to let you guys know I HAVE lost weight since I first strted pickin you guys up!!! You guys havn't noticed?!?! They are like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I am like, HAVE YOU GUYS THOUGHT I WAS HAVING A BABY THIS WHOLE TIME?!?! They are like YES!!
What can i say, it's going on three years with the kids, AND it's been a LOOOOOOOOOONG pregnancy!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!