Friday, September 18, 2009

Food review #2 Spinatos

Ever since my older brother Joe and Sam introduced me to NYPD, a pizza place in Scottsdale, I have been HOOKED! They like seriousley have THE BEST PIZZA EVER!!! Sam and I were like TOTALLY sold out and LOYAL fans to NYPD!!! Like, even this one time, we were at Oreganos and we ordered pizza, and at the end we were like thankin our waitress and saying the food was all good and what not and the waitress says, "Oh I know, don't we have the BEST PIZZA EVER?!?! It was silent for a moment then Sam says, "Actually Ma'm NYPD is better!!!" HAHAHAHAHA!!! It was really funny to cause they are right next to each other!!!!

So IMAGINE my shock when Sam tells me that there is a new Pizza place called Spinatos him and Janelle have been going to and it's like REALLY, REALLY good!!! I am like, "Better then NYPD?!" AND he says, "Yeah, I really think it is!" I was HORRIFIED!!!


Sooooooooooooooo OF COURSE I HAD to go try it!!! Cause I remember when I did my food review about Grimaldi's that KERI had said Spinatos was the best! So I figured, BETTER see what it's all about!!!

I went with the mind set of...


So here I am being a TOTAL pizza snob...

Here it goes...the test...


Cheesy pizza grin...

OH and omw- they have THE COOLEST thing ever!!!
A spagetti calizone!!! LIKE how funky weird and delish is that?!?!

Its best with them adding ricotta cheese in it!!! GOTTA go and try this people!!!

The pizza is thin crust, with like an almost crispiness of the cheese and I honestly think it tastes even better WITHOUT the pepperoni...which is weird cause Pepperoni pizza is THE BEST!!!

Jimmy says it's Spinatos sauce that makes it so awesome and I gotta agree!!!

So the question remains,


I HONESTLY don't know!!!
See Spinatos sauce is soooo different and unique...its got a little bit of a sweetness to it, which i REALLY like!!! HOWEVER, NYPD'S sauce is incredible too...BUT NYPD's sauce is more authentic Italian. My brother John says that ITALIAN'S don't put sugar in their sauce. We cook it very slow, all day with meat in chicken, sausage, meatballs, etc...and the meat gives it the flavor! SO if you don't like Spinatos sauce you wont like the pizza...LOL

I know for sure that Spinatos PIZZA is better than Streets of New York, Oregano's and Grimaldi's. But between the two, it's for sure a BIG competition!!! It's sooooooo close it's SCARY!!!

*BUT JUST FOR THE RECORD; MY BROTHER JOHN REALLY DOES MAKE THE BEST HOMEMADE PIZZA EVER!!!! HOW he got into pizza making is a WHOLE OTHER STORY...LOL...Sisterly challenge...hahaha!!!! Oh and DON'T tell him I said his is better!!!!!!!!! He is already SO full of it!!! :P