Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ramen Noodle, Five Star Upgrade!!!

On Saturday, I was with my sister and we were driving to Target Supercenter (Yes they hav that now and its REALLY cool!) My sis was like where do you wanna go eat? As she said that, we drove by a bilboard for Pei Wei and I was like, HEEEEEEEY look they have something new. And so it was decided that we would HAVE to go try this new product. So the point of it is that Pei Wei wants to get rid of all the pre packaged Ramen...LOL I gotta say, this five star Ramen is pretty AWESOME!!! The flavor of this dish is incredible!!! Its kind of spicy but not to bad...then it has cilantro in it and then you squeeze your lime slice over the top and its like WOW!!! all NEED to go to Pei Wei and try this!!! *Ewww...stop drooling on your key board and GO try it!!! :)