Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Baby Joy!

Yesturday, was my day off so I got to spend most of the day at the hospital with Jose. My brother John came walking into the room, he looks and me and says, WHY are you ALL DOOTTED up?!?! I was like, uh Jose, DUH!!!"

I got to hold him so much and I just sat there with him sleepin in my arms... and he KEPT making me laugh. He just has ALL these funny facial expression that are sooooo CUTE!!! I was just sitting there, holding him and totally cracking up. My mom was like, "Why are you laughin?" I was like he is just SOOOOO ADORABLE!!!" When he raises his eybrows he gets crinkles on his forhead and it is just HILARIOUS!!! I just keep looking at him and smiling. Its amazing how one LITTLE life can bring SOOOO much joy!!!