Sunday, October 4, 2009

Little Mr. Good lookin!!! ;)

Joseph Caleb Ginty is here!!!

Joe getting ready...HAHAHA!!!

Mom getting him dressed...LOL

MJ looking at him!

Mom tellin Joe to be careful..."Watch his head!"
Joe just gave her A LOOK!!! LOL

Proud GRANDMA!!!

Little Momma...

Proud Auntie...
I brushed my hair JUST for him!!!
When Joe said we could go see him I grabbed my brush...
The boys were like WHY are you brushing your hair?!?!?
I said, CAUSE, I wanna look GOOD for Jose!!! =)
They INFORMED me that Jose DID NOT CARE!!!
Smothering him with kisses!!!

Theresa is FINALLY an Aunt!!!

John and Abe were scared to hold him at the moment!!!

Tons of black hair, almond shaped eyes, plump little lips...
He is SOOOOO HANDSOME! Or Gwappo!!! (Tagolog, not sure of the sp?)

I was like OMW he has such long eyelashes
and Joe was like all proud, "I wonder where he got THOSE from!!!"
So funny the ONE thing that is for sure from his daddy is his long eyelashes!!!

I LOVE this last picture!!!