Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A moment like this...

It was that moment.
"You may kiss your bride," said the minister.
Eagerley the groom lifted her veil.
I watched in delight as he swung her around,
Tipped her back and passionatley kissed his wife.
As he kissed her and KISSED her and KISSED her,
the crowd started cheering.
We stood to our feet clapping
Before I knew it, I was screaming with excitement for my friend.
As the bride and groom walked back down the aisle...
A Moment Like This, began playing over the speakers.

And OH what a moment it was!!!
During the drive home from the wedding, I sent a text out to my friends;
Omw u guys! The kiss was crazy awesome!!! I was like SCREAMING!
Immediately I got a bunch of texts back.
How sweet!
What happened?
How did he kiss her?
Details please!
But there was one text that was sent to me that really irked me.
I suppose it was something about my pure, uninhibited, excitement of something so simple,
that caused them to know the truth and ask the question they did.
Their text said…

You’ve never been kissed?
I just looked at it, then sent a text back.
The text back said…
Wow! Sorry for you.
This person felt sorry for me because I had NEVER been kissed.
WHY would they feel sorry for me?

My mind goes back to my early teenage years.
At 13 I had made up my mind.
As soon as I was old enough I was going to kiss boys.
Not just A boy, but LOTS of boys.
I figured I might as well kiss as many boys as possible before I got married.
Thankfully, God began working on me concerning the matter.
I heard about these twin sister’s that made a promise to their dad and God,
Their first kiss would be on their wedding day at the alter.
There was NOTHING wrong with kissing.
The bible did not say there was ANYTHING wrong with kissing.
Jacob kissed Rachel, before they were married.
Isaac kissed Rebekah, before they were married.
It was NOT a sin.
But through my pastor’s preaching and books I would read, I began to think about it.
It may NOT be a sin, but a kiss was precious and sacred.
A kiss was something that was special and should not be taken lightly.
But could I do it?!
I mean what if some day when I was off on my own, a really, really handsome man wanted to kiss me?! What if he was sooo, SO, sooo, SOOO cute I just couldn’t say no?!
But then again, what if I kissed that handsome man, then married someone else?
I would have kissed a man that wasn’t my husband.
And when he married, I would have kissed another woman’s husband.
I continued thinking the matter through.
By my sweet sixteen party, I had made up my mind.
I was going to wait.
I told God that if He would help me, I would save my first kiss for my wedding day, at the alter.
I figured, with such a noble decision...
God would shine His favor down on me...
and I would not have to wait very long.
Here I am, ten years later,
NEVER been kissed!!!
I look one more time at the sorry-for-me text.
I roll my eyes, the send a text back.
Actually, I’m proud!
Truly, I am proud of this.
It's not like cute guys have just been running around...
trying to kiss me for the past ten years!!! ;)
But I could have...
It is easy to want to kiss someone and then kiss them.
It is a lot harder to want to kiss someone and then NOT kiss them.
Perhaps being unkissed makes me seem naïve and innocent.
Unexperienced. Ametur.
Ignorant. Childish.
I also have NO regrets!!!
I get one more text.
Ok. Be proud of that sister.
I text back…
I am! :)
Don't feel sorry for me.
I don't care what anyone else is or isn't doingI've made up my mind.
I’m waiting for my wedding day...
For that ONE special kiss.
I'll be saying...
I CAN'T believe it's happening to me

Because some people wait a life time For a MOMENT like this!!!