Saturday, November 7, 2009

Reality check?!?!

It's the Sunday morning after my 26th birthday party. I feel SO cool!
I am in the van waiting for my sister before we leave for church. I am like TOTALLY jamming to Mandisa with my hot-pink-heart-shaped-bling-bling shades, Singing at the TOP of my lungs TOTALLY off key! "He took the shackles off my feet so I can dance"...My sister gets in the car and JUST looks at me. I bob my head a few more times..."I just wanna praise him, I just wanna praise him!"
"Ok, just in case you were wondering," she says, "you look like a total idiot right now." I thank her kindly for informing me, while also letting her know that I had not in fact been wondering. HAHAHA!
My big sis is SOOOOOO my reality check sometimes!!! Not that I EVEN listen..."He broke the chains NOW I can lift my hands...I mean come on, I'm ONLY 26, I'm having the time of my life

I just wanna PRAISE Him!!!
♥Mary :)