Thursday, November 5, 2009

Winter Jacket...

So I like TOTALLY need a winter coat!!! Well I mean kinda!!! See the thing is, is that it doesn't really get THAT cold in Arizona, but I mean it can get pretty chilly. Especially if ya go up to Prescott or Williams to see the snow. SoOOOO every year, I think I should REALLY just buy a nice coat, but I nvr get myself to spend the money for those COUPLE of days and I always just make myself survive!!!! Either that or I just borrow one of the guys coats...yeah...IMAGINE ME, Mary, SQUEEZED into a dorky, guys, snow coat....HAHA!!!

Just look at this coat!!!
I sooooooo want it!!!

It SOOOOO has MARY written ALL over it!!!

( Well, Not literally, It's just a figure of speech!)

$129.00 at Lane Bryant

The ONLY thing wrong with this Jacket?!?!

IT's NOT on me!!! =)