Thursday, December 3, 2009

Got Christmas Pictures?!

If you have NOT yet already gotten your pictures taken this year or would like more...
I have the PERFECT photographers for YOU!!!

They have an incredibley awesome and ECONOMIC deal going on for the Holiday season!
It's ONLY $25
It includes 30 minutes of unlimited shots, 5 edited photos and christmas card template of your choice.
(All pics will be given to you on a CD and can be printed wherever you choose.)
Not only are Joe and Jewel great photographers, Jewel is AWESOME with graphics and editing!
Seriousley, if your like TOTALLY like diggin your picture but just NOT down with those fat rolls?!
LIKE magic Jewel can make them disapear!!!
LIKE waaaaaaaay faster than WEIGHT WATCHERS!!! LOL
For more info CLICK HERE and SCHEDULE!!!
(BUT NOT this Sunday, cause I already scheduled in between services!!!)