Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hmmmm...oh yeah!!!

So the first time I saw this little hat I like totally BUSTED up laughing!!! I mean it's this adorable LITTLE top hot that you wear in  your hair like the way you would accessorize with a flower ONLY it's the size that would fit your teddy bear. But........NOOOOOOOOOOO it has a clip to clip in your hair and I am like OMW!!! Like who in the world would ACTUALLY wear this?!?!?! Then I held it up to my hair, looked in the mirror, kinda smiled and just imagined...if my hair was just oh so piled up on my head in just the right height, and if I was wearin just the right outfit...OH yeah...Mar Bear could SOOOOO pull it off!!! My friends  say I'm cRaZy! Jac has said she would DISOWN me! My big sis said YOU GOTTA BE KIDDIN ME!!! I said NOPE!!! She said, YOUR RETARDED!!! I said YEAH I KNOW! My brothers just laughed, I won't even say what they said, NO actually I will cause it really cracked me up, they were like, "OH no Mary, Everyone is gonna be like, 'OH WOW that girl is SOOOO big she actually makes her hat look like its for a doll!!!" (Okaaaaaaaay so maybe some girls would sob over that statement, but It was from my little brother's and I thought it was HILARIOUS!!!) Cara says its CUTE!!! Sheree says its CUTE!!! AND I totally hav a feelin that Chantal and Melissa will TOTALLY think it's cute!!! Sooooooooooooo which one of you girls wanna do my hair for it?!?! Who will arise to the challenge?! Oooooooooooooooo I CAN'T wait!!! I am gonna go get it THIS week!!! OMW!!! it's $16.50...I have NEVER spent that much on a accessory before!!! Augggggggggghhhhh!!!
I am NOT for sure though!!!
What do you guys think?!?!
Should Mar Bear do it or WHAT?!?!?
♥Mary ;)