Friday, March 18, 2011

I LOVE being a girl!!!

I LOVE being a girl!!!
Really I do! It's SOOOOOO much fun.
Getting ALL dressed up and lookin all cutesy!
Fixin my hair just OH so GOOOD!
Decorating & Makin stuff pretty!
I JUST LOVE being a GIRL!!!
I just can't help myself..
I have momentary minutes where I almost wish I was a guy!!!
AND not just any guy...
A TOTALLY HOT one of course!!!
Why?! Why?! Why?!
WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD I be saying this?!?!
I just TOTALLY impressed myself with my cooking today!
Yes, thats right I SAID BECAUSE I IMPRESSED myself! LOL
Two Turkey pot pies. Two Apple pies. Two Peach pies.
(Oh yes, that WAS with HOMEMADE crust too!)
I absolutely AMAZE Me! ;)
And so thats why I almost wished I was a guy-
Cuz after todays cooking episode...
I found that I am SIMPLY facsinated with me!
OR as Mitch says to Connie in Adventure's in Odyssey...
"I daZZled myself!"
Mary :)