Monday, January 4, 2010

My next job...HA!

Last night we were having a Sweet 16 party and we were making my brother's homemade pizza....
Bro. Davy comes out of church and sees me like kneeding this HUGE blob of pizza dough...
And I mean I am like TOTALLY workin it...
and he just starts laughing!
Then he is like, WELL, we KNOW where Mary's next job is!
I am like WHERE?!?!
He says, Peter Piper is CALLING YOU!!!

Everyone, is like Yeah, yeah MARY!
You can steal us their secret recipe!
I am like HA!!! I am SOOOOO sure...
If I'm gonna risk going to jail, it is NOT going to be for Peter Piper Pizza!!
IT IS SOOOO NASTY!!! Their sauce is PATHETIC!!!