Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Orange Slices...

 For the last week my friend Sheena, from Manila Philipines has been here visiting us all. Sheena was EXTREMELY excited to see all the citrus trees we have at our house. Two lemon, Two Orange, one grapefruit, one pomegranite, and a date tree(No there are NO boys on it! HAHA!;) So on Friday, when it was ALL craZY cause I was like watchin like a MILLION kids...okaaaaaay it was ONLY four but when your TRYING to clean the house to...LOL So the kids start picking ALL the oranges off the tree and I am like OK its keepin them busy whatever. SO then they start like rollin them down the slide and I am like UH no!!! How bout we eat some....Sooooo I cut the oranges for them, you know the way we ALWAYS do...the orange smileys... Like in eighths or quarters

Well a few hours later Sheen comes out with some orange SLICES! She offers us some and I am LIKE OMW! I can't stop eating these, and ME, Sheena and the kids ate 15 oranges!!!
Sheena says that our oranges were addicting...
But to me there was SOMETHING more than just the oranges, it was the WAY she sliced them. They were soooo cool lookin and it made the SOOO easy to eat!

So everyday Sheena has been doing HER THING with the orange slicing. AND every day I tell her HOW much I like her ORANGE SLICES! I mean she is like standing there tellin me how she is like WOWED by my cookin and I am like, I am WOWED by your orange slicing. So yesturday I was just like HOW DID you think to slice oranges that way? She says that her mom taught her to do it like that.

So later on, I am talking about the Oranges Slices...AGAIN and she just starts kinda laughing...
and she says, that growing up she would FIGHT with her mom on how to cut the orange slices. She said that her mom would ask her slice oranges for her and she would just it real quick in the quarters and her mom would say No do it the way I showed  you! And she said that she would just get SOOO mad at her mom for wantin them ALL fancy. She said that she remember just getting IN TO it with her mom over the orange slices, but of course her mom ALWAYS won and she remembers just sitting at the kitchen table with TEARS STREAMING down her face, slicing the oranges, HER MOM'S WAY!!!
Now she is, here in the states, a place she has ALWAYS dreamed of going, and we are ooohing and ahing over HER ORANGE SLICES!!!! :D

"Mom's ALWAYS know best!"