Saturday, January 23, 2010


Yesturday, I acomplished one of my TOP SECRET, greatest desires. To have the CHANCE to boss around my little brother John and him ACTUALLY listen!!! See, it's like this, MY little brother John ALWAYS bosses me around, and to be honest, I don't really mind, MOST OF THE TIME! But you know, ocasionally, just every ONCE in a while, I think it would be nice, if he payed ME, his BIG SISTER some respect and LET ME TELL HIM WHAT TO DO! But NO! NEVER!!! Its ALWAYS gotta be HIS way and even though, I just do it, there is this little peice inside of me that is saying, Blah, blah, BLAH, WHATEVER, SHUTUP!!!! So yesturday, I am with my mom and Sheena in the van, my mom is driving home from a church even we had helped out with. We are about ten minutes from home when I get this BRILLIANT IDEA!!! ;)I reach into my mom's coat pocket, pull out her cell phone and send a text to my brother John, then I put the phone back in her pocket. My mom is just like talkin to me, she is like Oh when we get to the house, you can set the dinner table right away...I am like, of course, sure mom! Then her phone beeps with a text message, she looks at it, (Yeah WHILE she is drivin which is BAD!)then she looks at me all confused and says, John says, Ok. I just GRIN!!! She is like, WHAT DID YOU SAY TO HIM! I was like, Oh NOTHING, I just said, Please set the table My mom and Sheena like start laughing! I was like and he said Ok cause he THINKS it was MOM!!! HAHAHA!!! About five minutes later I walk into the house and there is John, SETTING THE TABLE!! I am tellin you, it was such a beautiful sight! I gave him a HUGE SMILE and was just like, "HI JOHN!" (SHeena and I just hi five on the sly!)He just like looks at me like, TRYING to figure out my OVER cheerfulness, THEN he is like, "Ok, I'm setting the table can you start loading the dishwasher for mom!" I am just like, OH SURE!!! Cause EVEN though he is ONCE AGAIN bossin me around, He is STILL doin what I said to do!!! YES!!! One life goal ACCOMPLISHED!!! But, Shhh...THIS IS TOP SECRET INFO! Although, I gotta say, It's probabley the HARDEST for me!!! It's like I wanna brag about it to him SOOOOOO bad!

Its SOOOO hard for me NOT to say anything!!!
LOL ALthough, he might just see it on this blog, cause I am ALMOST positive he reads my stuff ON THE SLY! (Like thats his top secret! He thinks I am BOMB! ;) Anyways, REMEMBER folks, a great way of bossin siblings around is by sending them texts from a parent's phone! [AND if you try this MAKE sure you say it the way your parent would. LIke when I sent it to my mom I couldn't make it all hyper and bubbly with exclaimation marks. Just plain and simple and yet NOT rude!!!] LOL Yep, yep, I am sitting here right now, STILL smiling, as I think about my brother, setting that table, it was AWESOME!!! But REMEMBER this is A SECRET!!!