Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ask Mar Bear! (Fashion advice column ;)

Dear Mar Bear,
I have a BIG dilema and I need your awesome opinion.Valentines day is coming up soon and I have NOTHING to wear.I mean all my friends say that I HAVE to wear pink or red, because those are the holiday colors. But my purse got stolen and now I have NO money to buy I new outfit. I have a lot of cute clothes already and I had planned on wearing this blue outfit, but I don't know, do you think its ok to wear BLUE on VALENTINE'S day?! I know that you would know what to do!
Confused about blue-blue-hearted gal! :,(
P.S. I don't know if this matters but I have blue eyes too! *Sob!
Dear Confused about Blue,
Your blue-hearted days are about to be OVER!!! Mar bear has some AWESOME news! If you wanna wear blue, WEAR blue girl! Embrace your blue outfit! It sooooooooo does NOT matter if your wearing red or pink or even neon green on Valentine's day! The ONLY thing that matters is that you look GOOOOOOOOD!!! If you look good in blue then WHERE IT!!!
Mar Bear
P.S. There is no reason to sob over having blue eyes, I have blue eyes too and I hear the guys like em! ;)

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