Friday, February 19, 2010

This is romantic!!!

It happened after a long, hot summer day. We were finally all done cleaning up from our church yard sale. Everyone else was going home until church that night, but I decided to just hang out at the church with the Abbott's until prayer that evening. But since it had been A REALLY HOT day, I wanted to freshen up and fix my hair. So I walking through our foyer, to the ladies room, when Bro. Abbott calls out to me...
"See THIS Mary, now THIS IS ROMANTIC!!!" Soooooo I look over and there is my pastor just kinda lounged back on a chair, Sis. Abbott is sitting in front of him and he has his feet in her lap and she is MASSAGING THEM!!! Sooooo I am like uuuuuuhhhhhh YEAH!!! But in my head I am like EWWWWWW and I know my pastor was telling me cause he KNOWS that I am a HOPELESS romantic and I am thinkin, yeah, yeah, TYPICAL guy, thinks its ROMANTIC cause his WIFE is doing something for him...HA!
So I freshen up. Do my hair and about 20 minutes later I come out and walk back through the foyer. This time what I saw made me catch my breath cause it really WAS romantic!! Now, there was my pastor massaging his wife's feet! I was like AWWWWWWWW! I just thought it was SOOOOO sweet! Not because it was the wife that was now getting the massage, but because they were both WILLING to do it for each other.
I don't think the Abbott's ever even realized that I walked through that second time, because they were lost in their own little world. But they taught me a lesson that day. I learned that love is NOT all about flowers, chocolate and long walks on the beach. It's NOT about what I'm gonna get from my spouse, but what am I going to give to the person I love. Obviousley being single, I am NOT an expert on marriage, BUT, I believe that one of the keys to a strong relationship with anyone, is learning to continually serve each other.

Even as the Son of man came not to be served
but to serve...
( Matthew 20:27)