Sunday, February 21, 2010

What guys look good in...

 I found this OLD email and thought I would be fun to pull out again, I thought It would be fun to discuss what girls think guys look good in and then all of your girls can add to this list and they guys can say what they think girls do or don't look good in...
 K here are what some things that me and the girls from MY church think guys look good in..
REMEMBER this is alll JUST personal opinions!!! LOL

- guys in suits
- guys in black
-Black suits
-pinstripes are awesome! (This little boy I know
has these really cute jeans that are medium blue with dark blue pinstripes. I was like OMW!)
-Brown coudoroy pants
-blue/green ties
-Plaid ties
-blue shirts
-Jeans (but not for church)
-Kinda bright colors-
-Men in uniform! Omw! Talk about making my heart beat fast! there is nothing more handsome than a clean cut man in a uniform. Police officers, pilots, fire men, paramedics, (Right Jac! ;-) rangers, soldiers, Sailors...u name it amen! Oh the NYPD are soooooo handsome! My grandpa was one and you all should see his pic! I have had my pic taken with a few just for the fun of it! Hee,hee! I heard from the girls that went to Rome that the Police officers there are really handsome but they were all to ochicken to get their pics taken with em! Come girls, get with the program!
Ooooooooooo and last year, at the GCA high school graduation(This was at Faith and Austin's grad) there was some like man in like a white sailor uniform and he was like WOW!!! The rumor going around was that he was Obama's cousin...Thats what Bro. Davy said Carlee told him...(Not sure if he was joking or what)Does ANYONE else at the graduation remember this guy?! BUT he was like OMW sooooooooo good lookin and like after the grad when it was all crowded and everyone was trying to get out, he was like standing RIGHT in front of me and he was like REALLY tall, like taller than me with heels on AND I was soooooooo close to him I could have reached out and touched his shoulder BUT I refrained, cause his girlfriend didn't look like she would have appreciated me doing that. OH and it was sooooo funny cause some brother came over, and outta honor and respect, he had like one hand on his heart and then he saluted the sailor and said, "Thank you for serving our country!" And I had MY HAND, on my heart in appreciacion too, but in MY mind I was just thinking, "Thank YOU for looking SOOOOOOOOOO good!!!" ;)
Okkaay, now you guys tell us what you like on girls! I've always wanted to learn how to make a fan bun, but could never get it right, and I was tellin one of my guy friends and he was like, I DON'T even like fan buns!!! So I was wondering if that is how ALL guys feel about fan buns?! Soooooooooo what do guys like on girls: I'll post all the lists on my blog...LOL Sooooooooooooooo everyone just send there opinion on what they do or don't like on guys and!!!