Monday, March 29, 2010

Appreciating ...

Tonight was an AWESOME Ladies of Legacy class!
It was something I could TOTALLY relate with...
Can I get a WOOT!? WOOT!?!!? ;)
So there was like a ton of good stuff that I was getting from the lesson that Sis. Mize was teaching! You know just the typical stuff about male/female differences and communicating with each other...blah, blah, blah! Then she is like, you know there are some things that you can JUST COUNT on your husband doing...LIKE...throwing his dirty socks on the floor...thats JUST a male thing!!! AND like ALL the woman are like nodding their heads and this is just SUCH a man thing! EVERY husband in the WORLD throws their socks on the ground!!! Sooooooo I am just sitting there thinkin like, Hmmm...REALLY? Thats a MALE thing...hmmm...and she is like and we as ladies just NEED to learn to pick them up NOT begrudlingly but with A GOOD ATTITUDE...So I am still sitting there like...hmmmm...Then she is like we can EVEN be"Yay! I get to pick up my Godly husbands socks!" Well at this point myself and ALL the other woman like LOSE it LAUGING and the other woman were like OH yeah right, like that iS EVER gonna happen!!! But what were my thoughts on the matter?! I was still thinkin...Hmmmmm!!!.
Then in between classes I was tellin my new pastor and his wife about the class and I was tellin them about the DIRTY SOCK thing...How MEN just ALWAYS throw their socks on the floor...and my pastor was like..."OH THAT IS SOOOO NOT TRUE!!! NOT ALL GUYS THROW THEIR SOCKS ON THE FLOOR!!!" So I am like okaaaaaaay... that right there is NOT an issue with me! You know, I'm just going to be PERFECTLEY  honest here...I could care less if my husband was to THROW HIS DIRTY SOCKS on the ground...CARE LESS!!! Becuase if he were to throw his socks on the ground... MINE would be RIGHT there with HIS!!! (Awww how romantic)

"I, Mary Ginty,
throw my dirty socks on the floor!
WHAT does this MEAN?!?!"
Is this really a manly trait?
Are their any guys out their that don't?!
Let me know, perhaps we could get married!?!?
Don't worry, I won't call you a girl, for NOT throwing your dirty socks on the ground!!! ;)