Thursday, March 11, 2010

"You look like a bear!"

I'm not really a morning person. I mean I get up EARLY every morning to get my neice on the bus, BUT it kinda takes me a little while to REALLY wake up, even after I get up. So one morning, I am sitting in our living room on the rockin chair, sippin coffee, just kinda wakin myself up. MJ, my neice kinda looks at me from across the room and says, "You look like a bear!" I'm like, WHAT?! She just says it again ever SOOOOO sweetly, "You look like a bear!" I'm like, ummmmmm is that supposed to be a compliment?! She is like, "YEAH, you look like a bear Mary!" I'm like okaaaaaay...thanks girl! I mean, just the way I WANT to be described, when I wake up in the morning! She just looks at me like she just KNOWS I don't understand her compliment, she says EXASPERATED, "LIKE the one in THE BOOK, Mary! You look like the bear in the book" I am like, WHAT BOOK?! She goes running to her room and comes back with her big, hard back book of ...
The Corduroy Bear

I was like AWWWWWWWWW!!!
You think I look like the Corduroy bear?!?!
She was like YES!!!
I'm like, OH MJ! He is soooooo CUTE!!!
She is like, "Yeah, and YOU look like him!"
I'm like, THANK YOU Mary Jo!!!
Isn't that like SOOOOOO sweet?!?!
I really do consider it a VERY high honor
that someone thinks I am as cute as The Corduroy Bear!!!
I guess thats why the call me MAR BEAR!!! :)