Friday, April 16, 2010

Apostolic Youth Camp

Repeat after me... MAY 19TH!!!!

That is THE LAST DAY anyone can register for Apostolic Youth Camp in New Mexico.
What is Apostolic Youth Camp?!?! Is that what your wondering?!
I am soooooo glad you asked and I would LOVE to tell you all about it!!!
Apostolic Youth Camp is June 7, 8, 9, BUT you must be registered by May 19th. Apostolic Youth Camp is a camp for YOUNG PEOPLE!!! This is NOT a kid's camp or Jr. camp or even Sr. camp. The age for campers is 12-25...BUT it really doesn't have to stop at 25...Bro. Andrew Foster says if your single...this camp IS FOR YOU!!! This is a real campmeeting in the cool mountains, (The temperature will be in the 70's, which will be ESPECIALLY nice for us AZ Hotties! ;) where everyone stays together, eats together, prays and plays together! Very different from a conference. (Which is VERY cool that we will all be together 24/7...cause I mean...if there is someone you like never know when you may see them!!! AND You don't have to worry about like trying to figure out WHERE they are going to eat after the service and then just like casually showing up there and then they think your like a TOTAL stalker, which IN MY case is true anywayZ! I mean, I'm soooo good at stalkin, I catch the guys I like STALKIN!!! HAHAHAHAHa!!!) AnywayZ, back to the point, if your a single, never been married person, feel free to consider yourself a young person. Even I, as INCREDIBLEY mature of a person that I am, have NO PROBLEM considering myself a young person!!! :)
There are some basic rules if you do go as a camper, lights out at 12(BOOOOOOO!) and you can't leave the campus...BUT I talked to Sis. Dev today and she said that its like a 45 minute drive to anywhere anyways, SOOOOO I mean there ain't gonna be any Starbuck runs going on anyhow!!!! So if your in your late 20's or 30's and your single, you can go as a camper and don't have to feel like your gonna be treated like a little kid or something. You won't have to be reporting to a counselor, there will be like some married person as a dorm monitor enforceing lights out! LOL (Thats when US singles should give the married people a hard time!!! HAHA! J/k! J/K!) And you won't have to worry about anyone like walking you to the bathroom during church or something! (Thats what happened to me when I was a Sr. Camper at 18 and I was like ummmmmm okaaaaaaaaay this is kinda WEIRD!!!) I personally don't mind people being in charge of me, as long as they're NOT walking me to the bathroom!!! I may be single but I CAN DO THAT MYSELF!!! :D
Soooooo anywayZ, i just wanna encourage all my single FRIENDS TO GO!!! You NEVER know what McHottie, just might end up being there!!! (I mean, after all, I'll be there boys!!!! ;)
MAY 19th is YOUR last day to register!!!
P.S. Anyone else want me to announce or promote their camp, conferece etc..?!?!
(No Charge! your just FOREVER obligated in helping me STALK!!! ;)