Friday, April 2, 2010

The day after...

I thought it would be fun to remember some of the FUNNEST April Fools jokes I've played.
One year I got my boss REALLY good cause I told her I was quitting and she just about had a panick attack! LOL Idk- I just don't think that joke woulda worked that well this year! Then one year, I knew NO ONE would believe me if I said I was engaged...SO.... I told everyone me and my boyfriend were breaking up---then we did---like ALMOST right after that!!! OOOOOOOPS!!! LOL
1. Two years ago me and my friend Alyssa got our friend Romo soooooooooo GOOD!!! This was like back in the day when EVERYONE had Exanga blogs. SO it's April first AND he posts on his blog that he is moving back to like either Alaska or the we know this is TOTALLY for HIS April Fool's joke. So me and Aly are talkin and we're like oh yeah, I'm so sure we're really gonna believe DUH! We're TOTALLY prepared for this kind of stuff. SO I came up with the brilliant idea of US doing and April Fool's joke back on him---which would be US acting like WE totally believed his joke, So we start sending him all kinds of text messages, we leave voicemails, all talkin about how sad we are that he is leaving..we're gonna miss him, blah, blah, blah!!! I EVEN posted this sappy poem from us, that I came up with in like literally FIVE minutes...all talkin about how we'll miss him, we'll always remember the good times, and all the 5-way phone calls(we used to get me, aly, cara and weston and sometimes Sheree on the phone and these convo's were like sooooooo RETARDED!!! SERIOUSLEY...but total FUN!) and it just went on and on! and HE totally fell for it ALL. He was like texting us...TRYING to call us but we were brats and wouldn't answer and we would tell him that we were sooooooo upset we just couldn't even talk to him about it!!! Well, ya just gotta know Romo, he is like one of the nicest guys EVER, so he was like feeling soooooooo bad that he had made us all upset with his joke...So he is just like NO you guys I JUST talk to me I HAVE to tell you something sooooooo we FINALLY call him 3-way and like he is about to tell us that it was ONLY an April Fool's joke and were are like APRIL FOOLS!!! He was like WHAT?!? We're like WE GOT YOU! WE GOT YOU!!! He was like WHAT?!?! NO! I got you!!! I GOT YOU GUYS!!! And he NEVER would admit that we had tricked him and KEPT insisting that he REALLY had tricked us!!! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhggggg!!! Typical guy!!! SO MUCH EGO!!!
2. THEN last year, April Fool's day was on Wednesday night when we have classes...SOOOOO Janelle and I combined our classes and We played the AWESOMEST prank on them EVER!!! It's SOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY! We got them sooooooo GOOD! I was just remembering that on the way to church on Wendesday, and I turned to some of the girls and I was like Heeey remember LAST year?!?! AND they just GLARED at me in was soooooo AWESOME! It's too long to post what all we did but you can read about it HERE!!!! The ONLY way to descibe what happened is in Janelle's words "It was literally like a herd of wild cattle stampeding the kitchen!!!!" The church was ALMOST destroyed! LOL
NOW...what is the best prank that was EVER pulled on me?!?!?
WELL... you just gotta understand that NO one hardly ever gets me cause I am like READY AND WAITING! BUT several years ago, my oldest brother Joe, GOT ME SOOOOOOO GOOD!!! This year April first was on a Sunday, soooo I get myself all dooted up, lookin good, or whatever and walk into the church, I walk by my brother Joe and he is like, "Mary! You are LOOKING BEAUTIFUL!!!" Sooooo I am just like SHOCKED to hear him say this... I mean you just GOTTA KNOW JOE...he does NOT give his sister's those kind of compliments!!! Sooooooo I am just like looking at him with my mouth hanging open, then I am like, "THANK YOU!" He just continues to smile at me all sweet like and says, "April Fools!" I was like AAAAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGHHH!!! Then I like BUSTED up laughing!!! He got me REALLY GOOD and no one EVER gets me!!! :)
Sooooooooooo did you guys get anyone?!?!