Sunday, April 18, 2010

Defintion of GOSSIP!!!

 We're in the van the other day and my niece MJ is just chatting away to me, I'm NOT really listening UNTIL I hear her say, "And those girls at the alter, were GOSSIPING sooooooo GOOD! I was like SOOO proud of them!" I'm like WHAT?! She is like, "Yeah Mary, REMEMBER?!" I'm like, "GIRL, do you even know WHAT gossiping means?! She looks at me like she can't BELIEVE I'm asking her this, then just says...'YEAH!!!" I'm like okaaay then TELL me... WHAT DOES GOSSIPING mean?! She like sighs and says...
"LIKE PRAYING!!!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I busted up laughing! I'm like thinking....hmmmmmmmmm...Maybe MY niece should take over teaching Sis. Abbott's lesson on GOSSIPING for Ladies Of  Legacy....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ;)