Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Makes me waNNa SHOUT!!!

This is from a couple of weeks ago.
I sent it out in a mass email but I forgot to post it on The blog!
 Don't waNNA NOT share this awesomeness of God with you all!!!
there is like NOOOOOO way in the world that I could possibley go to bed without sharing this with you all!!!

Soooooooooo tonight was as usual a pretty hyper night with all the kids at church...but it ALMOST seemed a little MORE louder than usual. So after song service, Bro. Jimmy was dismissing all the classes to go...well my girls were jumping up and down screaming, "US! US! CALL US!!! Soooo he did my class LAST and FINALLY he is like Okaaaaaaay...Sis. Mary's class may go. Soooo my girls get up like SOOOOO obnoxiousley!!! Pushing, shoving, running OUT of their rows, BUT then they have this thing where THEY ALL have to hang on and hug me as we go to class. So this happens and like at the same time they are managing to like slap each OTHER as they hug me. This one girl immediatley starts her usual whining about this OTHER girl. These two girls are ALWAYS bickering with each other. Like last week, the one girl was getting the Holy Ghost and THE WEEK BEFORE the other girl had gotten the Holy Ghost, so I was TRYING to get the one to pray with the other AND that was NOT happening!!! So she is whining about how the other gir was elbowing her when they got up and blah, blah, blah...then to demonstrate what happened... SHE elbowed me and I am like...ummmmm OUCH!!! My body DOES in fact hav feeling TOO!
Soooo I am like Okaaaaaaaay lets just get to class. So the one girl, that had JUST been whining, was like okay but I wanna ask you something first without the other girls...So I am like ROLLING my eyes cause I mean you know...So she motions for me to lean down to her and she is like okaaay I have a question about the Holy Ghost...So i am like oh ok! (This is good) She whispers to me..."Does the Holy Ghost make you want to wear skirts and dresses?" So I'm like, well, yeah...and she just gets this BIG, sweetest smile on her face and she is like, "Because, I just want to wear dresses ALL the time now ever since I got the Holy Ghost and I just keep begging my mom to buy me dresses!" WEEEELLL you guys can JUST imagine me!!! I was like SQUEALING and HUGGING and kissing her!! and she was just soooo happy...she just kept smiling!

The coolest thing about this is that we have NEVER mentioned ANYTHING about holiness AT all to these girls. Aside from me tellin them not to dress like hootchies to church, I have NEVER mentioned holiness to them. She is only ten but she just REALIZED it! AND the really, really neat thing is that this is EXACTLEY what Bro. Garrett talked about in our class just this past Monday night. He talked about GETTING a spirit of holiness on us, inside us and he talked about how a spirit of holiness will make a person NOTICE the difference and just want to change...not because of rules or because their pastor is telling them to, BUT because of God!!! And you know I gotta be honest...the last couple of years i've kinda gone a little overboard with the bling-bling on my clothing and accesories. I mean...You guys know ME!!! I love all that sparkles, glitters and draws MAGOR attention to myself!!! :) But after hearing Bro. Garrett teach about it like the first couple of weeks of class, I was like really starting to feel convicted. I mean I started going through my clothes and hair things and I was like...uh yeah...this is totally the same as jewelery. BUT ANYWAYS...I am just sooooooo EXCITED!!! THIS IS SOOOOOOOOO COOL!!! .
I 'm singing...