Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday Morning Curlers!!!

Sooooooo am I like totally the only girl that has ever, KNOWINGLY, gone to Sunday morning church with curlers in her hair?!?! LOL! Cause I went to church this morning knowing that I had curlers in my hair!!! BUT ok, ok, it REALLY wasn't on purpose.
See, I have had this thing for the last two years that when I go to church I am GOING TO DRESS nice and have my hair lookin good NO matTER!!! Cause I mean I went through this stage where I would just slick my hair back in a bun and not really care how I know like ONLY do my hair all up if  it was Easter or Christmas OR I was going to conference or a youth rally or SOMEWHERE that I knew there was gonna be a cute guy. But like two years ago I decided that I was gonna STOP being laZy and do my hair all up NO MATTER what. Sometimes my brothers would just at my hair like all done up and be like, Okaaaaaay, is there something we don't know?! Some cute guy coming?! I'm like NOPE...Just cause its church and it doesn't matter who is there...I wanna look good for MY JESUS!!!
WELL I almost forgot to put curlers in last night...I was drifting off to sleep and then all of the sudden I remembered...I was like OH NO!!! I HAVE to put curlers in!!! So I pull my hair back into a neat ponytail, put the curlers in and drift off to sleep...
ALLL of the sudden
I am like oooooo... who in the world is calling THIS EARLY?!?!
I reach over for my phone and see MOM...
I am like Hmmmmmm...
Why would mom be...
OMW!!! It's SUNDAY MORNING AND IT'S 9:25 AND church starts at TEN!!!!
I grasp out a sleepy, croaky Hello... (My voice sounds SOOOO weird in the morn!!!)
My mom is like are you on your way over to pick me up?!
I'm like...uh..NOT exactley!!!!
I had REMEMBERED to put the curlers in the night before
 BUT setting my alarm clock was a DIFFERENT story!!!
However, I gotta say, we managed to get ready pretty quick and OUT the door by 9:38...
thus the reason for the curlers STILL in my hair!!! :)
Then after church EVERYONE was askin me if I knew there were curlers IN THE BACK!?!!
 I'm like uh yeah...forgot to set the alarm!!!
So for the first time in two years I didn't have my hair all done up for church...
BUT it sho did look nice for the night service!