Monday, April 26, 2010

What people will NEVER say about me!!! ;)

Have you ever seen someone that you havn't seen in like a REALLY long time and your like kinda shocked at how they look?!  I was telling my sister, like WOW!!! I was kinda surprised to see HOW different some of these people look! I mean I AM NOT trying to be mean but like all of these girls that I knew from like waaaaaaaaaay back in the day are like kinda on the hefty side now. Ok, ok, okaaaaay...just gonna be honest...hefty is kinda an understatement...I mean, its not like Chunky or chubby...we're talking F-A-T....FAT!!! LOL! AND like, these were the girls that like ALL the guys sought after. Ten years later and its like BOOM...something happened!
I was telling my sister, I like actually feel kind of bad for them, cause like, to have been THAT thin, like ALL your life and then to just get FAT!!! They must feel really akward about it! Of course, I on the other hand, cannot totally understand how they feel, CAUSE I don't remember EVER being thin!!! The thing that REALLY cracks me up is when my friends gain like ten pounds and then they come to me for weight loss advice or what they should eat...I'm like...ummmmmmmmm...I'm thinkin...maybe...JUST MAYBE...I'm NOT your best weight loss consultant!!! HAHAHA!!! But they feel COMFORABLE with me, cause they KNOW I ain't gonna condemn them or something!!!
 LOL BUT I told my sister after seeing, some VERY surprising weight gains on some peeps...AT least thats one thing I'll NEVER have to worry about people saying about me after not seeing me for 10 years! At least I know they'll NEVER walk away saying to other people..."OMW!!! You are soooooooooooo NOT going to believe this...BUT you know, Mary Ginty from the Abbott's church?!?! Weeeeeeeelllll, she is like FAT now! And then the people are all like GASPING...WHAT?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOO WAAAAAAAAAY!!! Mary Ginty is FAT NOW?!?! I can't believe it!!! We NEVER thought we would see the day!!!" HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! RFLOL!
Yup, AT LEAST thats ONE thing
I'll NEVER have to worry about people saying about me! ;)

Cause I've been there...
Done that...
(Like, the day I was born...I think! :)

P.S. Brown Cow Greek yogurts are only 3 Weight Watcher's points!
They are like SOOOOO good!
Sweet, Creamy and Smooooooth
(OMW! That sounds Sooooo like I'm describing myself! ;)
They also have fruit on the bottom and are REALLY filling...
OH and they sell them at Sam's Club so thats the best deal to buy em!