Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thats Amore.....

I am in the middle reading this incredibly awesome book from a christian series called Weddings by Bella, Written by Janice Thompson. (More info on the series HERE) I LOVE these books cause they are this HUGE crazy Italian family and its like even though its TOTALLY exagerated, to some degree it is SOOOOO close i can totally relate!!! The fighting over the best cooks....Just plain FIGHTING...THE FOOD....The talking...big mouths...PARTYING FOR EVERYTHING...THE DRAMA....HUGE family gatherings...the passionate emotions...THE TEARS...Everyone Kissin everyone!!! RFLOL its GREAT!!! So I had to look up this song that is played at one of the weddings called Thats Amore by Dean Martin...I LOVE it! Btw- Amore means Love in Italian...Awww!
This is my FAVORITE line in the song...
When the stars make you drool,
 Joost-a like pasta fazool
That's amore

I guess you would hav to be Italian or familiar with italians to TOTALLY get that BUT...
Here is the whole song...it's not a video just the music and lyrics! Enjoy!