Monday, May 3, 2010

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

My niece was VERY offended at me!!!
The other day my  MJ was like, "Mary look! It's the very hungry caterpillar. Isn't he just sooooo cute?!?!" I said, "Mary Jo, I just want you to know that if 'The REAL Very Hungry Caterpillar EVER steps foot into our household, I WILL KILL HIM!!!" She just like lookst at me with her mouth hanging open in shock! "But MARY! He is sooooooooo cute!" I'm like, I'll kILL HIM!" She is like, "Mary! How can you say that?" I'm like...Cause, he is a bug and I HATE BUGS!!! I'l scream and then i'll KILL HIM!!!" She just looks at me, shakes her head and walks away!"