Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yard sales....

Sooooo I;ve had two yard sales the last couple of months...and BOY the stories I have to tell!!! I've learned that there ARE actually people MORE ghetto then MYSELF!!!
Well I can't understand this. These people came to my yard sale. Looked at my stuff, and as HOW MUCH for  a drinking glass. So I'm like 25  cents. They Q:UICKLEY put it down like I gave them some outragousley high price!!! Then they start walkin away like they are just WAITING for me to give it to them for cheaper!!! I'm like OKAAAAAAAAAY...I said a QUARTER!!! You ain't gettin it cheaper than that. JUST keep  your ten cents cause I'll have MORE fun smashin the glass in the ally behind mom's house!!! :)
Then there are the people that ask a MILLION AND ONE questions!!! I'm sellin my brothers sunglasses and this guys asks how much? So I'm like 50 cents. So THEN he starts askin me oh are they really? Do they work well? Is that a scratch? Blah, blah, blah! AND i'm just siitin there like...I SAID FIFTY CENTS!!! NOT ten bucks...FIFTY CENTS!!!
Then i'm like okaaaaaaay this is just a  little weird...but I have customers coming back AGAIN?!?! I if it was bad enough the first time...they ACTUALLY come to look at my trash AGAIN! and THEY COME LIKE, OH HI MARY!!! MARY!!! Mary how are you!?!?! I'm like OMW!!! How do thse people KNOW ME?!?!

Well...I'll save the  CRAZY -Sunscreen-stalkin lady for another post!!! LOL! ITS A LONG STORY!!! We have a church yard sale this weekend!!! SHould be FUN! :)